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Arkansas Electrical Worker Stumbles into Energized Switchgear

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FAYETTEVILLE, AR. –Officials with Ozarks Electric say an employee is still recovering following electrical contact.

Safety officials from both Ozarks Electric and Arkansas Electric recently completed their investigation of the incident that occurred April 15 in a new subdivision near the Farmington Elementary school.

Evidence shows the contact occurred while the worker was applying cable-pulling lubricant to a conduit. He then lost his balance and stumbled into the energized switchgear. A spokeswoman for Ozarks Electric said it was a routine procedure turned tragic.

Emergency responders from the Fayetteville Fire Department arrived on the scene within minutes of the accident and the victim was transported to Washington Regional Medical Center.

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Canadian Company Fined $22K for Arc Flash Injury

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REGINA, CANADA – A Saskatchewan company has been fined more than $22,000 for an arc flash explosion that seriously burned a worker.

Diversified Electric pleaded guilty to two charges under occupational health and safety rules.

The company didn’t ensure the worker was properly protected while working near an exposed energized electrical conductor.

It also didn’t supervise the work properly.

The employee was seriously burned at a work site in Saskatoon in July 2008.

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Texas Boy Shocked by Electrical Arc While Climbing Tower

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HOUSTON, TX –  Jordy Penaloza, a sixth grader was shocked while climbing a four-sided tower near his northwest Harris County home.   Jordy never touched the power lines, but the electricity arced from the power line to his body, burning him and causing him to fall off the structure.

 Jordy was airlifted to Memorial Hermann Hospital with burns over 70-percent of his body and a broken back.  Doctors have told Jordy that, in all probability, he’ll be a paraplegic for the rest of his life.

Jordy’s family is thinking about filing a lawsuit against CenterPoint Energy, the company that owns the power lines.  The family’s attorney said the tower is an attractive nuisance and is easily accessible with no fences surrounding it.  There are several CenterPoint danger signs on the structure warning about high voltage.

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Utah Man Shocked Working on Electrical Sign

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SOUTH SALT LAKE , UT— A man was critically injured in an industrial accident in South Salt Lake.

Police investigators say the man was on a ladder, working on an electrical sign at. He somehow came in contact with the electrical current and was severely shocked.

The man also injured his head when he fell off the ladder. He was transported to a hospital in critical condition.

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CA Workers Shocked by Wind Turbine Generation Station

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CAMPO, CA — Two workers were seriously burned by electric shocks Monday at a Campo wind-power generation station.

The men were working on one of the 25 towering white turbines at Kumeyaay Wind Farm when the accident occurred about noon, said Capt. James Williams of the Campo Reservation Fire Protection District.

Medics took the injured workers to UCSD Medical Center in San Diego for treatment of second- and third-degree burns to their faces and hands.

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Wisconsin Teen gets 7,200 Volt Shock

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McFARLAND, WI – A Wisconsin teen who came into a contact with a power line last month has nearly recovered from the ordeal that almost killed him.

Fourteen-year-old Hunter Franklin received a shock March 7 when the aluminum rake he was holding came into contact with a 7,200-volt power line.

His 16-year-old sister found him on the ground about two minutes later. She administered CPR until McFarland rescue personnel arrived and took over. Hunter spent two days in critical condition.

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$60K + Electrical Fire at Children’s Hospital in Canada

April 10, 2010 Leave a comment

HAMILTON, ONTARIO CANADA – A small electrical fire at McMaster Children’s Hospital Wednesday triggered sprinklers that resulted in significant water damage.

The fire in an office was put out by the sprinklers, said Hamilton fire public safety officer John Verbeek, but water damage ballooned the cost to $60,000 and staff said expensive equipment was destroyed.

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