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Missouri Tightens Rule on Utilities Reporting of Electrical Accidents

JEFFERSON CITY, MISSOURI — The Missouri Public Service Commission has approved changes to current Commission rules regarding new reporting requirements for electric utilities (such as The Empire District Electric Company, AmerenUE, Kansas City Power & Light Company and KCP&L Greater Missouri Operations Company) and rural electric cooperatives.

Under the rule changes, electric utilities and rural electric cooperatives will be required to notify the Public Service Commission of accidents and events involving human contact with electric current of significant voltage, even when the utility or rural electric cooperative believes the problem originated on the customer’s side of the electric meter.

The changes are designed to enable the Commission to be better informed about electrical accidents and events that result in significant property loss, injury or death. “The rule ensures that the Commission will know about these incidences promptly, instead of reading about them months later in the newspaper. Once we know, we may be able to help identify the problem and protect the consumer,” said Commissioner Kevin Gunn.

The Commission will be able to thoroughly and fairly investigate certain accidents and events that may have an impact in future electric rate case at the time and in the context in which those events occur. The rules also include electric facilities accident and event reporting requirements for rural electric cooperatives. The Commission initiated this rulemaking proceeding because of an incident resulting in a death at Spring Lake near DeSoto, Mo. The incident was not required to be reported to the PSC under the old rule.

Story Via Carthage Press

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