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OSHA Investigating Electrical Accident at Sivyer Steel in Iowa

BETTENDORF, IOWA – It is reported that Occupational Safety & Health Administration is investigating an electrical accident that occurred at Sivyer Steel in Bettendorf, IA.

Mr Phil Redington Bettendorf Police Chief said that a worker was injured during the August 29th 2009 accident. He added that the police and fire departments responded to the scene about 10:26 PM local time.

A representative with OSHA said that the office would not comment on the accident until the investigation is complete.

Mr Art Gibeaut president & CEO of Sivyer Steel said that the accident was the company’s first in 3 years, which is an incredibly good record that few foundries have ever achieved.

He did not give details about the electrical accident but said the worker currently is recovering. He said that “With the help of experts from OSHA, United Steelworkers and a highly qualified professional engineering consultant, we are investigating the cause and will jointly arrive at a conclusion and subsequent remedial action. All of our employees take this very seriously and have resolved to again start down the path of no accidents at Sivyer Steel.”

Story Via Steelguru.com

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