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Massey Energy Receives More Citataions for Electrical Violations in Mine

Massey Energy Co.’s Upper Big Branch mine, where 29 miners were killed last month, has received nearly two dozen citations from federal inspectors since the accident, many for electrical problems found in the course of their preliminary investigation, according to government data.

The Mine Safety and Health Administration issued 23 citations, including three for “significant and substantial” violations, since May 14, according to the agency’s website. MSHA hasn’t yet released detailed information about the citations, and it is unclear whether any violations could have played a role in the April explosion.

The three more-serious violations involved escapeways and “travelways” at the mine, which need to be well maintained so that miners can safely exit a mine in an emergency or travel to working areas. Several of the other violations were related to high-voltage circuits, cables and other electrical equipment. Federal safety officials said they believe high levels of methane gas contributed to the explosion, but it isn’t yet known how the gas could have built up in the mine or how it could have been ignited.

The most recent citations at the Upper Big Branch mine resulted from a continuing spot inspection initiated a week after the April 5 accident, and were based on inspections at the surface of the mine, according to MSHA’s site.

Federal investigators haven’t been able to re-enter the mine in Montcoal, W.Va., to begin the underground portion of the investigation into the accident because of high levels of carbon monoxide. On Monday, West Virginia Gov. Joe Manchin said investigators could re-enter the mine on June 2.

The Upper Big Branch mine received more than 500 citations in 2009, according to MSHA. Massey said it corrected safety issues raised by MSHA and that MSHA had said there were no outstanding safety issues prior to the accident.

A Massey spokesman said the company will review the recent citations. “We take violations seriously. Our hazard elimination team will review each and every violation, and corrective actions will be taken as necessary,” he said.

Story Via Wall Street Journal

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