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Electrical Overload Results in OH House Fire

MONROE, OHIO –  An electrical overload is to blame for a fire that caused $60,000 damage to a house on Timrick Place on Saturday.

The single-family home located at 336 Timrick Place was fully engulfed by flames and smoke when firefighters were dispatched to the scene about 2:39 p.m., said Monroe Assistant Fire Chief John Centers.

No injuries were reported.

No one was home when the house caught fire, officials said.

Centers said the family renting the house was in the process of moving out Saturday.

“They were actually still moving items in and out of the house. So they were actually in the residence until early afternoon,” he said.

“They were running a clothes dryer getting the last couple of loads of laundry done while they were making their last couple of trips back and forth, and the resident had indicated that they had some issues with electrical problems there where they were blowing fuses pretty regularly when they utilize certain appliances inside the residence,” he said. “I believe that’s going to be the cause of the fire.”

The fire also caused about $15,000 damage to contents in the home, he said.

Aside from Monroe police and fire, Middletown, Liberty Twp. and Deerfield engines responded to the scene.

Story via Middletown Journal

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