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LA Man Files Lawsuit After Being Electrocuted on the Job

ORLEANS PARISH, LOUISIANA – A Tangipahoa man has filed a lawsuit claiming he was “electrocuted” because of shoddy work by an Orleans Parish power company.

Philip Fournier filed the complaint against Entergy Corporation, Entergy Louisiana and ABC Insurance Company Oct. 19 in Orleans Parish District Court.

According to the filing, Fournier was completing a cable job on Highway 401 in Napoleonville on Nov. 6, 2009, when he was shocked. Fournier says he was screwing an anchor into a ground wire on an electrical pole, “touched a ‘live’ wire and was electrocuted.”

Electrocution, by definition, means to kill with electricity, however, Fournier is still living. He says he suffered severe and disabling injuries as a result of the shock.

Fournier contends Entergy was negligent for failing to properly install the power lines, failing, failing to follow NESC regulations and failing to correct the dangerous situation caused by an uninsulated power line.

Fournier is asking to be fairly compensated for pain and suffering, mental anguish, medical expenses, loss of earning capacity, interest and court costs.

Also named in the suit is ABC Insurance, the insurers of Entergy responsible for all liability coverage and injury claims against the company.

Attorneys C. Arlen Brand II and Michelle O. Gallagher, of Mandeville, are representing Fournier.

Story via The Louisiana Record

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