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2 TX Boys Shocked by Downed Oncor Electrical Power Line

NORTH RICHLAND HILLS, TEXAS – Two boys were shocked in North Richland Hills Saturday after they mistook a downed electrical power line for a tree limb and grabbed it from a flooded culvert.

Earlier that afternoon, North Richland Hills resident Darlene Rushing said she could hear the rain pounding outside while her 14-year-old grandson Austin Stewart played with an 11-year-old friend and several other kids.

“The storm came in that day really fast,” she said.

The group spotted a basketball in a culvert in the 6400 block of Jerrell Street and jumped in to get it.

Rushing says the younger boy slipped on some mud. She said he struggled in the rushing water and grabbed what he thought was a tree limb.

“He saw his friend in trouble ran over to grab him and grabbed the electrical wire himself not knowing it was a live wire,” Rushing said.

The two were shocked; Austin mistakenly grabbed a live Oncor power line.

James Evans, 12, was walking home when he heard the boys’ cries for help.

“I took off my shoes and ran over there,” Evans said. “I grabbed on one of them the other let go and came down on my leg.”

Evans said two men arrived seconds later and helped him pull the boys from the culvert. Other helpers began CPR.

Danny Roy Duckworth started working on Stewart.

“They handed them to us over the fence and we laid them down,” Duckworth said. “I started to work on his chest; I was hoping water would come up or something.”

About that time, James’ father arrived and also helped.

“I started getting on James, but before I knew what happened,” John Evans said. “I said, ‘what are you doing down here? What are you doing playing?’ He said, ‘no, I was helping I was helping.'”

Stewart is talking and doing much better. His friend, whose mother didn’t want his name released, is in critical condition.

A spokesperson with Oncor said they believe the rain and wind snapped the power line. They’ve repaired the line and are investigating what happened.

“The water was going really fast,” Evans said. “If I wasn’t there they probably wouldn’t have made it.”

James’ parents say they know he risked his life to help and they’re proud of him.

“He is very brave! Very courageous,” John Evans said.

Rushing said it frustrates her that there are no warning signs around the culvert, and the fence doesn’t go all the way around.

“There should be signs. There should be no openings on the side. There is no reason for it,” says Rushing.

North Richland Hills officials said the culvert is controlled by the city and maintained on a regular basis.

The city is looking into why there are no safety signs. Officials couldn’t explain the gaps in the fence, but said there would be no way to keep those who want to get into the culvert out of it.

Story via CBS11tv.com

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