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Boy in India Loses Arms & Legs in Effort to Save Friend Being Electrocuted

GURGAON, INDIA : Aayush Priyadarshi (10), a native of Samastipur in Bihar, had suffered serious injuries on both his arms and legs in his effort to save his friend from getting electrocuted.

On September 21, Aayush was flying kites with one of his friends when their kite got entangled in the 11,000-volt electric wires outside his flat.

When Aayush declined his friends request to disentangle the kite and also warned him against doing so, the upset kid tried to retrieve his kite with the help of an iron road the moment Aayush went down to drink water.

However, the iron road got him electrocuted and he was stuck to the rod. Hearing his cries for help, Aayush rushed to rescue him. While he was successful in saving his friend, he could not save himself from getting severely electric burns on his arms and legs.

Aayushs father, Anjani Kumar, rushed him to Patna where he underwent a few surgeries. But when doctors told him that his hands had got infected and needed to be amputated, Anjani brought Aayush to Medanta in Gurgaon. At the hospital, he underwent multiple surgeries under a team of doctors led by Dr Rakesh K Khazanchi, director, division of plastic, aesthetic & reconstructive surgery.

Story via Timesof India
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