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KY Man Injured Trying to Steal Copper from Electric Substation

KENTUCKY – Some Jackson Energy customers say the power going out isn’t out of the ordinary.

“No, we got electric problems here pretty often. It goes off all the time,” said Kenneth Smith.

Smith says he had to make due for several hours, delaying sleep, until around midnight.

“I got a sleep machine I have to use to sleep with and I had to stay up till the electric got back on and that was about 11:30 last night,” said Smith.

When Jackson Energy technicians arrived at a substation to fix the problem, they found a man on the ground nearby.

That man, 28-year-old Donald Shuler, was allegedly trying to steal copper wire from the substation when he was electrocuted.

“It’s extremely dangerous unless you’re with a trained individual. So we caution everybody, do not do that. And certainly don’t mess with the equipment that’s in a substation because if you do you’re risking serious injury or even death,” said East Kentucky Power spokesperson Nick Comer.

Police say Shuler suffered burns over thirty percent of his body and has a broken arm. Investigators say his injuries are not life-threatening at last check, he is in critical condition at UK Hospital.

Story via WKYT.com

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