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Downed Electrical Wire Falls in Pool of Water – Kills 2 in India

NEW DELHI, INDIA – Two persons died when an electric wire fell on the ground while it was raining in outer Delhi. The incident took place around 3pm on Wednesday when a tea shop owner and his son were at their shop in Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar. The deceased have been identified as Shambunath and Suhail Gupta.

“The wires were naked and it had been raining very heavily. Water had accumulated in the ground and the wire touched the rainwater, which electrocuted the two victims. They were declared brought dead in the hospital. We have registered a case of death due to negligence but are yet to ascertain on whose part the negligence was.

Investigation will reveal whether the rain had caused the wires to snap or they were already cut,” said a senior police officer.

According to power discom NDPL — the electricity supplier for the area — it was an accident caused by the forces of nature. “There was a temporary connection in the area for which there were some overhead wires. When it became windy all of a sudden, some tin sheets from the roof of a dhaba located close by fell off and snapped the electrical wires. One of the snapped wires fell in a pool of accumulated water on the road, where two persons were standing that led to electrocution,” said an NDPL spokesperson.

The discom said they immediately snapped power supply when the incident took place and denied any negligence on their part. “It was an accident caused by a freak of nature and couldn’t have been avoided. The wire suddenly snapped and fell into a waterlogged road, and it was very unfortunate that there were people standing there when it happened,” said an official.

Story via Times of India

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