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Legal Battle in NJ Brews From 2006 Electrical Accident That Killed Teen Girl

BALTIMORE, MARYLAND — Millville native Anthony “Bubba” Green, the 1981 Baltimore Colts defensive tackle, is in a heated battle with the City of Baltimore involving information that was allegedly kept from him about the 2006 death of his daughter.

On May 5, 2006, Deanna Green, 14, and her mother were participating in a church softball tournament in Druid Park Hill, Md. 

Deanna was stretching her muscles before her turn to bat while balancing on one hand. 

When she placed her other hand on a chain-link fence, she was electrocuted with 270 volts of current, according to an online memorial website about Deanna. 

She was rushed to a hospital, but died later that night.

There had been problems with the underground wiring and a piece of the fence was touching the wire that had been shorting out the field lights, according to Jose Anderson, advising attorney to the Green family.  

Shortly after the accident, the city held a press conference, claiming immunity from the case. 

Director of Parks and Recreation Connie A. Brown told the family and press that the city did not know anything was wrong with the lights and that they hadn’t worked on the field since 2003.

“We took them at their word,” Anderson said. 

Before a case was made, the lawyers representing the Greens sent a Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) form to the city about the work that had been done on the field. 

The city refused to issue a full report, stating that it included attorney work product, information prepared by an attorney to a public document that is anticipated to be used in a lawsuit. 

This gives the city the right to withhold public documents. 

All the city provided was a two-page summary suggesting the field was in bad condition. 

It also included a letter stating the city had developed a “corrective plan” to repair the electrical problem in the field. 

Except for the limited summary, the city turned over nothing else, Anderson said.

The case went to court twice and the city managed to get itself dismissed from the case.

That looked like the end, but what happened next changed everything. 

According to Green, in 2008, Chief Solicitor for the City of Baltimore Linda C. Barclay provided the family with public documents that said the city contracted Douglas Electric and Lighting to “provide labor and material to make repairs to underground cables feeding exterior pole lights,” in the field in 2003. 

Barclay sent this information to the family the day before she retired. 

The Greens received this information after the city was granted immunity. 

The family took the electrical company that the city allegedly hired to repair the lights to court. 

The two parties never went to a trail and the electric company lost the summary judgment, because the information Green provided was enough evidence to reach a settlement. 

After the electrical company lost the summary, the company provided work orders and bills to the family stating that the city contracted the company to work on the Druid Park Hill electrical system not only in 2003, but also in 2004, 2005, and April 2006, a month prior to Deanna’s death. 

This was discovered earlier this year.

“Had the city said in their press conference that the investigation was not complete, then so be it,” Anderson said. “They did not and we were misled. That was the problem. The city never said anything about working on the fence. They fought us all the way.”

Green says the city has lied to him and his family and wishes the city would take accountability for the faulty electric lines and the accident. 

“We didn’t want lawsuits,” Green said. “We just wanted answers. All we talked about were answers. They talked about lawsuits. We’re tired of fighting them, but we feel there is a conspiracy here and the city needs to be held accountable.”

The Greens are now in the process of bringing the city back into the case, stating the city lied to them and has not taken responsibility. 

No reports from the city have been turned over to the Greens regarding work on the field.

Anderson is perplexed. His daughter was Deanna’s best friend.

“How far can they go with this? Eventually, they will have to turn over this information stating they worked on the field prior to her death,” Anderson said. “If someone loses their daughter, how could you not tell them how much contact you had at that location.”

To this day, the field has not been repaired, according to Anderson.

“We don’t want her death to be in vain without something positive coming from it,” said Nancy Green, Deanna’s mother, who was at the softball game when her daughter was electrocuted.

 “We want to fix the problem as opposed to letting it continue.”

Neither the mayor nor current director of parks and recreation have responded to efforts made by The News to contact them.

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