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MS Man Shocked Working on Gas Station Sign

MERIDIAN, MISSISSIPPI – The condition of a man shocked while he was working on a gas station sign is unknown.

Authorities responded to the Chevron/Kangroo Express at 1408 Roebuck Drive near Interstate 20/59 Friday night.

“We got a call at approximately 9 p.m. and responded to a possible (person) that’s been electrocuted,” said Danny Ivy, battalion chief for the Meridian Fire Department during the incident. “They added that he was still in the sign.”

Ivy said that units realized the height of the Chevron sign was greater than they anticipated, and called a back-up fire truck with a higher ladder. Responders made certain the man wasn’t attached to the basket from which he was evidently working, then proceeded to take him down.

“Rescuers made the basic retrieval from the front of the sign,” Ivy said. “Emergency Medical Services, Mississippi Power as well as the (Meridian) Police Department provided assistance that we appreciated.”

Ivy added that firefighters Gerald Mabry and James Bystrom went up to retrieve the man along with Howard Elkins, crew chief with Metro Ambulance at the time. An ambulance took the man to Rush Foundation Hospital, but he was later taken to Jackson, Ivy said.

Ivy would not comment on the man’s condition after being removed from the sign, but said that the entire process lasted a little longer than an hour.

Story via Firehouse.com

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