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Teen Boy Electrocuted Climbing Train in Australia

GLADSTONE, AUSTRALIA –  A teenage boy is dead after being electrocuted while climbing a coal train near Glenlyon Road yesterday morning.

Gladstone district Inspector Graham Coleman said this morning shortly before 7am a Queensland Rail coal train was travelling along a section of track when the driver saw a young man sitting on the side of the track.

“The young bloke has jumped up and waved the train down and according to procedures, the train stopped,” he said.

“Police had been in the area in relation to another job. We attended the scene.

“Basically the driver’s lost sight of the young fella.”

Insp Coleman said police and the driver tried the find the teenager, not wanting to move the train in case he was underneath.

He said after completing the search and not finding the boy, searchers were alerted to a noise coming from the top of the train where the boy was found.

Insp Coleman said police had been looking for the teenager prior to the train incident.

“We received information that he was driving in a vehicle and we were looking for him,” he said.

“At no time did we find him but some Queensland Rail employees brought the attention to us that his vehicle was actually stuck in bushland. We responded to it. We found the car but we didn’t find him and then at some stage he’s made his way from where his car was to the rail line.

“I understand it belonged to the family.”

Investigations are continuing.

UPDATE: THE funeral for teenager Brent McDonald who was electrocuted on Saturday will be held tomorrow.

The funeral will be held at 10am Friday at Boyne-Tannum.

Brent died when he was electrocuted while climbing a coal train near Glenlyon Road.

Police received information on Saturday that Brent was driving a car and went looking for him.

Queensland Rail employees contacted police to say that Brent’s car was stuck in bushland.

Police searched the area but did not find him.

Eventually his body was found on top of the coal train.

The 15-year-old was a student at Gladstone State High School.

Tributes flowed over the weekend on Brent’s facebook page from friends and family who knew and loved the local youth.

Story via GladstoneObserver.com.au

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