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CA Shocked Killed Trying to Steal Electrical Wire

PERRIS, CA – A Perris man was electrocuted [blogger’s note:  the media has misused the word “electrocution” here as this refers to someone who has died from electric shock.  The appropriate word to be used her is “shocked”] during an attempt to steal electrical box wires from a vacant warehouse in the area, authorities said Friday.

Jose Vargas, 30, was found with severe electrical burns on his body when deputies from the Perris station arrived Tuesday night at the 24100 block of Orange Avenue to assist fire officials with a call requiring medical assistance, Sgt. Scott Forbes said.

Forbes said a preliminary investigation shows that Vargas was in the process of stealing the wire from an electrical box when he was electrocuted.

The suspect was airlifted to a local hospital and is being treated for his injuries, Forbes said.

The Perris Burglary Suppression Team is investigating the incident.

Read more: http://www.swrnn.com/southwest-riverside/2010-12-30/news/suspect-electrocuted-during-robbery-attempt-in-perris#ixzz19derUocn

  1. George
    January 24, 2011 at 1:37 pm

    If he was killed as in the title how can the hospital be treating him for his injuries?

    • jimschuster
      January 24, 2011 at 8:08 pm

      Very good question George ! One of the problems is the misuse of the word “electrocuted” in the article. If one is electrocuted, you are dead and this is how the media reported it and that’s what I picked up on. If he was shocked, he’d still be alive. Given the fact that they were treating his wounds in the hospital, I would say he was “shocked” and not “electrocuted”.

      It’s my error in writing the title and will change it.

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