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2 Construction Workers Killed in Electrical Accident

January 27, 2011 Leave a comment

BANGALORE, India –  Two persons were died of electrocution while working at an underconstruction building on Kaikondanahalli Road near Choodasandra in Parappana Agrahara police limits, on Tuesday night.

The deceased have been identified as Mallesh (22) and Subhash(24). Both of them hailed from Raichur district.

The incident was reported at a site where LGCL Construction Company is building around 100 villas.  

According to police, the two men were involved in drilling when they were electrocuted.

Subhash died on the spot, while Mallesh was taken to St John’s Hospital where the doctors declared him dead, police said.

Their bodies were shifted to Victoria Hospital for post mortem.

Parappana Agrahara police have registered a case of death due to negligence against the construction company. Owners, site engineers and supervisor have been booked.

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Southern Electric Utility Worker Electrocuted

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Denton County, TX – A Waxahachie utility worker was electrocuted Monday afternoon while working to replace a power pole in a Double Oak neighborhood in Denton County.

Jacob Lee Willis, 32, was working on a power pole replacement crew with the Southern Electric Corp. at about 12:12 p.m. in the 100 block of Meadow Knoll Road when an energized power cable touched a hydraulic lift he was working and struck him with a large amount of electricity, according to a Double Oak Police Department news release.

He was given CPR at the scene, the release stated.

Willis was taken to Texas Health Presbyterian Hospital in Flower Mound, where he later died, according to the Tarrant County medical examiner’s office.

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Man Electrocuted While Using Lamp Outside

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Police today named a 38-year-old man who was electrocuted while using a poorly insulated lamp in eastern Bay of Plenty.

He was Paul Farrar from Auckland.

The father of three was found dead by his aunt along Waiotahi Valley Road in Opotiki, 60km south-east of Whakatane, about 8am on Tuesday, Opotiki police Sergeant Mike McKenzie said.

“She was visiting up at the marae next door and when she was driving out, she saw him. He was outside.”

Farrar was on holiday, moving a portable cabin to family land near the Maromahue marae.

He was thought to have been using a lamp outside in wet weather with poorly insulated electrical cords.

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January 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Canberra, Australia – Safe Work Australia on Monday announced the 38 finalists for the 6th Annual Safe Work Australia Awards, which are national safety and health awards commending efforts to prevent injuries and deaths on the job. Given in four categories, these awards will be presented April 28, World Day for Health and Safety at Work, in Canberra.

Finalists in the individual category include David Lynch, a safety supervisor for Hansen Yuncken Commercial Construction Division in Adelaide, who was site safety officer for the construction of the Adelaide Entertainment Centre project, which was completed with no lost-time injuries; and Danny Norton, senior electrical engineer for Sinclair Knight Merz, a design, consulting, and planning firm with projects in Asia, Europe, and South America. Norton developed risk assessment tools and workshops to help industry organizations and individuals prevent arc flash injuries at a time when there was no Australian standard addressing arc flash risks, and he has been instrumental in the progress toward development of an Australian standard in this area, according to Safe Work Australia.

Dangerous Train Surfing Can Lead To Electrocution

January 24, 2011 Leave a comment

MELBOURNE, AUSTRALIA – Melbourne is facing a troubling train surfing epidemic, with the number of cases more than doubling in the past two years.

In the past four months, 87 people have been busted for train surfing, while so far in January a person a day has thumbed their noses at the $293 fine, the Herald Sun reported.

Metro spokesman Chris Whitefield confirmed the train operator continued to battle the “dangerous and stupid” trend, with 20 caught either train surfing, or trying to climb on to the outside of trains in January alone.

More incidents are believed to go unreported, but perpetrators often share their exploits on social networks or leave graffiti tags as a notorious reminder.

Two years ago, former trains operator Connex said it was concerned when train surfing reports jumped from just three to nine per month.

In response, Connex began targeting schools, sending staff to warn students of the danger, particularly along the Frankston, Lilydale and Pakenham lines, which were the most frequently surfed.

While the latest alarming statistics more than double the rate of those reports, Metro said the higher rates could reflect previously unreported people being nabbed.

And while no one had died surfing trains recently, Mr Whitefield said, “That doesn’t change the fact that it is extremely dangerous.”

In 2008, a train surfer’s body was found on the roof of a carriage at Flinders St station, after apparently being electrocuted somewhere between Werribee and Newport.

Many more would-be train surfers are believed to have been injured.

In September last year, police released shocking footage of a pair of train surfers spotted riding the rails on an Eltham-bound train, between Jolimont and Clifton Hill.

“Attempting to ride on the outside of a moving train is both dangerous and stupid, and it can undermine the safety of the network,” Mr Whitefield said.

He said in most cases, train surfers rode on the rear of a train as it sped through the city network.

Metro was relying on the work of staff and public reports to catch perpetrators, he said.

“It’s something we’re working to stamp out, to prevent people doing it.”

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Construction Worker Electrocuted on Rooftop

January 24, 2011 Leave a comment

Dhaka, Bangladesh –  Jan 24 ( – At East Monipur of Mirpur, a construction worker, ‘Sohrab’, 40, was electrocuted while he was working on the rooftop of a two-storey building on Monday morning.

DMCH duty doctor declared him dead when he was brought to the hospital around 12:30pm.

DMCH police camp sub-inspector Mozammel Haque told that the the body was kept at DMCH morgue for autopsy.

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Was that Electrocuted or Shocked ?

January 24, 2011 Leave a comment

A public notice to anyone who follows this blog.  The term “electrocuted” is often misused by the media to report somebody who was actually “shocked”.  By definition, if you have been electrocuted, you have died due to electric shock.  Many times the media reports someone who has been electrocuted, but is recovering in the hospital, which is a misuse of the word “electrocuted”. 

There are several stories throughout this blog where the term electrocuted is misused.  When we see these, we will attempt to make corrections.

Lineman Loses Hands In Electrical Accident

January 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Imagine waking up in a Denver hospital and finding that you no longer have hands.

That is exactly what happened to Samoana Matagi just before Christmas this past year. Sam was severely burned in an electrical accident while working as a lineman in a small Colorado town. Nearly 15,000 volts of unbridled electricity raged through Sam’s body, leaving his hands irreparably damaged.

One of the first people contacted about this tragedy was Sam’s older brother, Fatu Matagi. Fatu says that the phone call he received left him “feeling numb.” He immediately trekked from his home in Bountiful to the hospital in Denver where both of Sam’s deadened hands had been amputated at the mid forearm.

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Electrician Injured at Page Field Airport

January 22, 2011 Leave a comment

Fort Meyers, FL – One person has been transported to Lee Memorial Hospital following an electrical accident at Page Field Airport in Fort Myers.

Patrick Conran, spokesman for general contractor Owen-Ames-Kimball, said there was an electrical accident and an injury to one of the company’s electricians, but Conran didn’t yet know what happened.

 He said he was on his way to Page Field to get more information on the incident.

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Man Who Lost Both Arms In Electrical Accident Recovering

January 22, 2011 Leave a comment
Georgetown, Danvers, MA – On the day he came home from the hospital, about eight weeks after losing both arms in a horrific electrical accident on the job in September, Georgetown Electric employee Jim Young walked across the street to visit his neighbors in Merrimac.

Lisa O’Neil said she and her family were astonished and delighted to see him and gave him big hugs. O’Neil’s children are regular visitors at Young’s home.

“He treats my kids just like his kids,” said O’Neil, who is organizing a Jan. 22 fundraiser for Young. “They’re a great family, a great couple, and we really love them.”

Jim and his wife, Karen, have two young children, Griffin, eight, and Hilary, five.

Right after his return from the hospital, Young was also seen walking with his dog, Callie, in the mornings, the return of an early morning ritual for man and dog, said O’Neil.

“Callie did not see Jim for eight weeks while he was in the hospital,” said O’Neil. “Karen would put Jim on the speaker phone when he called from the hospital so Callie could hear his voice. She would get so excited; Callie missed her dad, too. When he came home just before Thanksgiving, Callie wouldn’t leave his side. The family had a wonderful Thanksgiving, a lot to be thankful for.”

Driven to recover

With fierce determination, the athletic Young, who coaches and officiates youth sports, concentrated on building up strength in his legs and learning to balance without arms. He started to walk the hallways and stairs in the hospital right away.

“I was in good shape before the accident, and my legs got strong when I was at Spaulding Rehab,” said Jim, who spent five weeks in Massachusetts General Hospital and three weeks at Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital in Boston. “They were pretty amazed at my balance. They were all very good to me. I have been doing 60 minutes a day on the treadmill at home. Before it got real cold, I went for one-and-a-half mile walks every day. Eventually, I’ll go back to the gym.”

Jim goes for physical therapy at Whittier Rehabilitation Hospital in Bradford three times a week. He is also acclimating himself to a complex prosthetic right arm with a hand he can open and close.

“I work with [the prosthetic arm] every day,” he said. “You get a little bit better every day.”

Jim has coached youth league sports and officiates college and high school basketball games all over New England.

“I really miss that,” said Jim,

Former Merrimac resident Carol Parker said Jim coaches her eight-year-old son Owen’s baseball team.

“He’s a great coach,” said Parker. “He does it for the love of the kids and the love of the game. He’s very gentle. Owen loves having him as a coach.”

As Jim inspires others, he said his wife, Karen, inspires him.

“My wife has been the one who has to do a lot more work, shoveling snow, cleaning, making meals and helping me out,” said Jim. “All the things she has to do — she’s a big inspiration to me.”

Karen said the family’s biggest need is the continued support of family, friends and neighbors.

“I don’t think I could get through what we are going through without their support,” said Karen.

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