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Chinese Kite Line Can Lead to Electrical Shock

JAIPUR, India –  Rampant sale of Chinese manjha  [manjha is a glass coated line used in kite flying, designed to cut the lines of other kites] is on despite a ban being imposed by the district authorities two weeks ago.

These glass-coated polypropylene thread has earned notoriety for killing birds and causing serious injuries to humans.

This is not the first time that such a ban has been imposed. Ramavtaar Meena, ADM (south) said, “This thread is a good conductor of electricity and is harmful for kids as well as birds.” He added that the notification on ban of all kinds of kite threads, laced with metal, has been issued in the district.

As per the notification, the offender will be booked under Section 5 of the Forest and Environment Protection Act. However, due to public ignorance on the ban, these threads continue to attract a sea of buyers.

Gafur Khan (name changed), a kite seller at Subhash Chowk said, “I am aware of the ban but it is very difficult to prove which is a Chinese thread or not.” The regular 5000 yard thread, after being treated with glass rolled on a firkhee, would cost Rs 250-300 but Chinese threads which are 10 times more sharper sell for half the price.

Animal rights activist Rohit Gangwal said,”These threads contain iron and glass dust which are harmful to humans as well as birds and animals. We are trying to create awareness and it would be of great help if elders encourage young kite enthusiasts to desist from using Chinese threads.” A person can be electrocuted if he/she comes in contact with a Chinese thread that is stuck between cable wires, said experts.

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