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Boy Shocked & Burned While Kite Flying

Venkatesh Shocked & Burned While Flying Kites.

HYDERABAD, INDIA – Radha was still in a state of shock sitting beside her elder son Venkatesh, lying in bed with severe burns in Osmania General Hospital. She could not believe her son had been so close to death.

Controlling her tears, Radha said, “I was away on work when I came to know about the incident.

I thought it to be a minor one but was shocked to see my son in charred condition,” adding, “Luckily my son did not fall on the other side of the building or else I would not have seen him alive.”

Venkatesh, a class VI student was enjoying a kite fight along with his friends, from the terrace of his two-storeyed building, when he saw a cut-off kite coming towards them. 14-year-old Venkatesh did not realise that the kite had got entangled in high tension wires. In an attempt to grab the kite, Venkatesh tried to pull the stuck kite and got electrocuted. [ note – the word “electrocuted” in improperly used here and it should be “shocked”.  Click on the link for definition of “electrocuted“.]

His four friends, including three boys and a girl, suffered minor burns due to the flames that came out from his clothes.

The high frequency current pushed the boy away, causing a head injury. He fell back on the terrace, unconscious in a pool of blood. Hearing the alarm raised by other children, locals gathered in no time. Knowing about her son’s accident, Radha rushed and shifted her son to hospital. Doctors declared he had suffered 32 percent burns with his lower abdomen fully burnt.

Story via ExpressBuzz.com

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