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RCD Promoted to Curb Electrical Accidents at Homes in UK

Buckinghamshire, UK – Young carers from Milton Keynes recently had the chance to visit Hazard Alley Safety Centre and learn how to stay safe from Electrical Fires, thanks to The Electrical Safety Council (ESC) funding.

Electricity is now the cause of half of all accidental fires in UK homes. At least one person dies every week in the UK and 350,000 are seriously injured every year. The ESC grant will go towards educating Milton Keynes young carers about the common causes of electrical accidents and how to protect themselves and their homes.

The Centre, based on Kiln Farm, Milton Keynes is an indoor, interactive educational facility which delivers safety messages in an experiential way. It houses a small “town” with life-sized scenarios including a road, houses, a garage, a lake and a building site. Children have an exciting experience whilst learning important safety messages

Many electrical accidents can be prevented by a Residual Current Device (RCD), a device that protects against fatal electric shock and reduces the risk of electrical fires. An RCD can either be installed in a fusebox or bought from about £10 for a local DIY or garden centre – However, more than half of us – that’s 13 million homes – don’t have one . Hazard Alley Safety Centre will help educate young carers about the importance of RCDs.

The funding from the ESC has allowed the Safety Centre to offer a specially adapted tour to Young Carers in Milton Keynes free of charge – Sarah Paynes, a young carers support worker from Carers Milton Keynes said ” Young carers are very often the responsible person in the home when looking after someone who is ill or disabled and it is very important that they receive this education around safety in the home. We are very grateful to the Safety Centre for providing us with this opportunity and know that the children who attended had a fantastic time. They were very excited about the visit !” ”

Lorraine Carney, Senior Campaigns Manager at the Electrical Safety Council (ESC) said: “Our primary objective is to help people stay safer around electricity. So we are delighted to work with the Hazard Alley Safety Centre to support their innovative scheme. According to government statistics, almost half of all accidental fires in UK homes – that’s over 20,000 each year – are caused by electricity, so it’s vital that people are made aware of where electrical dangers may arise in their homes and understand how to prevent an electrical-related accident happening.”

To find out more about the Safety Centre go to www.safetycentre.co.uk and more about the Carers Milton Keynes www.carersmiltonkeynes.org.

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