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IL Maintenance Worker Shocked

BETHALTO, IL — An electrical accident during construction at Civic Memorial High School sent a school maintenance worker to the hospital Friday and students to the empty Bethalto West building nearby.

Bethalto Fire Chief Rich Mersinger said an accident involving an electrical box at the school resulted in a Bethalto School District employee suffering burns to his face, necessitating him being taken to Alton Memorial Hospital for treatment of his injuries.

“They were doing electrical work in the mechanical room when one of the wires on the electrical panel grounded out and started sparking,” Mersinger said. “The burns weren’t severe, but he was transported to Alton Memorial for more evaluation.”

The incident caused a power outage at the school shortly before 10 a.m., and students were evacuated from the building, first to the bleacher area of the football field, and then to the nearby building formerly used as Bethalto West Elementary School.

“We had the students by the track, but once we saw the rain, we moved them to the old elementary,” Principal Debra Pitts said. “No students were injured.”

“The outage was not due to an Ameren issue,” said Victoria Busch, a media responder for the utility.

Mersinger said an electrician on the scene isolated the circuit that had caused the problem from the rest of the building and reconnected the power.

Mersinger said he gave the OK for classes to resume about 10:30 a.m., and the high school finished the day on its normal schedule.

Story via thetelegraph.com

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