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NY: OSHA fines Zotos Int. $233k for Electrical Hazards

Syracuse, NY:  Federal workplace safety officials have hit hair care manufacturer Zotos International with fines of $233,000 for hazards at its upstate New York plant.  The Occupational Safety and Health Administration said Tuesday that inspectors found 44 serious violations at the Zotos plant in Geneva, N.Y.  They included unguarded moving machine parts, electrical hazards, a blocked exit door, unqualified employees working on live electrical parts, failing to develop safety plans and inadequate training of employees.

The agency said workers were overexposed to certain chemicals and there were inadequate preparations to prevent the release of a flammable liquid used in the production process.  The company has 15 days to fix the problems or contest the findings.  A Zotos spokesman said many problems were fixed immediately and the company is working with OSHA to resolve the others.

Story via Bloomberg Businessweek

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  1. carrol joe
    December 15, 2014 at 9:26 pm

    believe me when i say ,it’s surprising nobody was killed in that deathtrap.i worked there 30+years and decided to get out after 100 gals. of ammonia was pumped to atmosphere because of faulty level switch,and i know it wasn’t reported

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