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NY: Construction Accident Lawyer Comments on Hilton Explosion

New York, NY June 20, 2012:  Three people were injured in an electrical explosion at the midtown  Manhattan New York Hilton, reported the New  York Daily News (6/13/2012).

“Any work that’s done with or around electricity can be dangerous.   Surprising to many, only a small quantity of electrical energy is needed to  cause serious injury or death,” said New York construction accident lawyer David Perecman, chairman of the Labor Law committee for the New  York State Trial Lawyers Association and lecturer on construction accident  law.

Two of the people hurt in the blast were workers.  They were working on an  electrical panel in the basement of the hotel at the time of the construction  accident, The New York Daily News said.  One man suffered a head injury.  The other was treated for minor burns to his  hands, reported the tabloid.  A woman who was trapped in the elevator when the power cut off was treated  for hyperventilation.  There were no other injuries in the construction  accident, the New York tabloid said.

As construction accident lawyers at The Perecman Firm understand, New York State and the Occupational Safety &  Health Administration (OSHA) have many rules aimed at keeping New York  construction workers safe.

“If a worker gets hurt because he or she lacked adequate safety equipment or  was not provided with the proper tools, the worker in New York will recover  compensation for damages from the construction accident,” New York construction accident lawyer Perecman, founder of The  Perecman Firm, one of New York’s construction accident law firms, said.

The Perecman Firm serves Manhattan, Bronx, Brooklyn, Queens, Staten Island,  Long Island, Westchester, Upstate NY, Morris County, and Rockland County.

Story via Timesunion.com

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