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INDIA: 56% of Industrial Incidents caused by Electrical Faults

India: Electrical faults seem to be the major reason for industrial disasters in the country as 56 per cent of incidents are reportedly caused by them.

Overheating, ageing of the material and use of sub-standard quality of electrical gadgets have been the main factors contributing to the increasing electrical fire accidents in industries in the past four years, said V. Srinivas, member of the Fire and Security Association of India (FSAI) National Executive Board.

Quoting the National Crime Records Bureau statistics, Mr. Srinivas said that eight per cent of the deaths in industries were of electrical origin.

He was speaking at the inaugural function of the three-day workshop on ‘Electrical and Fire Safety-EFSWIN-2012’ organised by FSAI at HICC in Madhapur here.

“Electricity is not just a lifeline. It can also take away life when handled improperly,” he said.

In the recent past, the country has witnessed two major fire accidents.

The fire in AMRI hospital in Kolkata claimed 92 lives, while 32 persons were charred to death on board the Chennai-bound Tamil Nadu Express at Nellore district in Andhra Pradesh.

Chief Guest, Energy Department Principal Secretary Mritunjay Sahoo said problems related to electricity required larger public interest and appropriate intervention both by the State Government and other organisations. “Every one depends on electricity in their day-to-day life these days and reasons for compromising safety is the cost of the equipment coupled with ignorance,” he said.

He called upon the organisers to conduct awareness programmes in smaller towns to impart knowledge on latest trends in fire and electrical safety.

The FSAI is organising the workshop to enhance awareness on the potential hazards of mismanaging fire and electricity and to understand the behaviour and methods to avert fire accidents.

Focus would also be laid on educating people on recent trends and technologies in the field.

Story via thehindu.com

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