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INDIA: Electrocution from Falling In Pool

New Helhi, INDIA:  Police failed to make a breakthrough in the death case of a Noida-based businessman who died of electrocution after falling into a swimming pool in Sector 8 on Friday. Neeraj Garg, owner of Noida-based water-proofing company Nivedita Chemicals, went to inspect the swimming pool of Archohm, an architectural firm. Meanwhile, mystery over the death of Garg deepened as an official of the company, who was arrested on Friday was been released on bail on Saturday.

Garg was electrocuted on Friday morning when he fell into a swimming pool that had high-voltage current flowing through a live wire. Police have registered an FIR under Section 304A of the IPC against Saurabh Gupta (architect and managing director), SP Gupta (engineer and director) and Shiv Dutt Sharma of Archohm, an architectural firm constructing the pool on its roof. Police had arrested RK Gupta, father of Saurabh Gupta but later released him on bail. Police also interrogated several employees of Archohm. “We are still investigating and it would be too early to set the responsibility,” said a police official.

Story via dailypioneer.com

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