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NJ: Arc Flash Injures 2 at Meat Processing Plant

West Caldwell, NJ: An explosion rocked Al & John Inc. and injured two contractors on the morning of Sat., Dec 8.

Francois MacFarlane, of Brooklyn, N.Y., and Jason Defaoite, of Oak Ridge, N.J. were working on an electrical panel in the Al & John Inc. meat processing plant when the panel exploded due to an electrical arc flash.

The West Caldwell Fire and Police Departments, as well as the Fairfield police and Caldwell fire department, responded to the scene and the building was evacuated. The fire department was initially unable to put out the blaze from the explosion since the panel was still electrically charged, according to West Caldwell Fire Chief James Alvine.

The electricity in part of the building was shut down, allowing the firefighters to clear the building and have the power back by approximately 11:30 a.m.. The West Essex First Aid Squad transported the two contractors to Barnabas Medical Center in Livingston.

Story via newjerseyhills.com

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