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UAE: Arc Flash at Mall Leaves 3 Workers in Critical Condition

Dubai, UAE: Three workers are fighting for their lives at Rashid Hospital after suffering severe electrical burns in a site electrical accident behind Wafi Mall on Sunday morning.

The victims, two electrical engineers and one supervisor, were testing some electrical panels when the accident happened at around 11am. One of the engineers worked for ETA Ascon while the two others were outsourced by the ETA from another company.

The cause of the accident is still under police investigation. Police said they are questioning other workers, the supervisor and the manager of the company. Police have cordoned off the area.

According to an official from ETA Ascon, the victims reportedly forgot to remove the electrical cables of the previous panel from the machine tester they were using and plugged another set of cables from another panel causing the machine to exploded.

Sintal Kumar, 29, an electrical engineer from India, who works for ETA, suffered 40 per cent burns to his body. He is currently at the Burn Ward of Rashid Hospital. Mohammad Hanifa, 26, suffered 90 per cent burns while another worker, who could not be identified, suffered 100 per cent burns.

All three workers have no family in the UAE. Gulf News contacted ETA Ascon for comment but an official said they could not comment yet because they are still waiting for the results of the police investigation.

In February last year, a similar accident happened involving workers from ETA Ascon where two people, including an engineer, died after being electrocuted. Two others were seriously injured. The team was testing electrical equipment at a substation in Dubai International Airport’s Concourse 3 when the explosion occurred.

Story via gulfnews.com

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