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CANADA: Power Pole Fires Lead to Power Outage

CALGARY, CANADA:  Power has been restored to almost all of the 3,981 customers initially impacted by an early morning power outage.

It began around 5:30 a.m. on Wednesday.

Officials say the outage was caused by a power pole that caught fire along Coach Hill Road S.W.

The fire department says they’ve responded to several calls of power poles catching fire recently, mainly in the Coach Hill area.

They say power pole fires are not uncommon in the early spring.

They happen when a buildup of dirt occurs in the insulators which are used to attach electrical wires to the power poles.  A light rain, snow or even dense fog can produce the right conditions for the insulators to start to overheat which will cause the fire.

Impacted communities included West Springs, Patterson Heights, Cougar Ridge, Coach Hill and Bowness.

Story Via: globalnews.ca

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