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UAE: Arc Flash at Mall Leaves 3 Workers in Critical Condition

Dubai, UAE: Three workers are fighting for their lives at Rashid Hospital after suffering severe electrical burns in a site electrical accident behind Wafi Mall on Sunday morning.

The victims, two electrical engineers and one supervisor, were testing some electrical panels when the accident happened at around 11am. One of the engineers worked for ETA Ascon while the two others were outsourced by the ETA from another company.

The cause of the accident is still under police investigation. Police said they are questioning other workers, the supervisor and the manager of the company. Police have cordoned off the area.

According to an official from ETA Ascon, the victims reportedly forgot to remove the electrical cables of the previous panel from the machine tester they were using and plugged another set of cables from another panel causing the machine to exploded.

Sintal Kumar, 29, an electrical engineer from India, who works for ETA, suffered 40 per cent burns to his body. He is currently at the Burn Ward of Rashid Hospital. Mohammad Hanifa, 26, suffered 90 per cent burns while another worker, who could not be identified, suffered 100 per cent burns.

All three workers have no family in the UAE. Gulf News contacted ETA Ascon for comment but an official said they could not comment yet because they are still waiting for the results of the police investigation.

In February last year, a similar accident happened involving workers from ETA Ascon where two people, including an engineer, died after being electrocuted. Two others were seriously injured. The team was testing electrical equipment at a substation in Dubai International Airport’s Concourse 3 when the explosion occurred.

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Arc Flash Accident Leaves 4 Dubai Men Injured

March 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Dubai: Doctors treating the four victims in the accident that took place at Dubai International Airport’s concourse 3, said that two of them, who suffered 90 per cent burns, remain critical. One of the other workers is out of danger and the fourth is stable.

The workers were conducting a routine test of some electrical equipment when tragedy struck.

Abdul Samad Fajr Allah, 26, an electrical engineer from India, and Dev Bahadur, 33, a technician from Nepal, are battling for life.

Habib Rahman, a substation supervisor, is out of danger while Ramesh Natrajan is still not out of danger, but is stable.

Gulf News visited Rahman in hospital and found that the dressing had been removed from his face, but he is unable to speak.

A member of the specialist doctors team that is handling the case said though the two critical victims have overcome the crucial 72 hours, chances of their survival are marginal.

Only in four to five instances out of 100 such cases, victims survive and in my career spanning 12 years, I have not seen any of them survive beyond a few months. It will be miraculous if they do,” a member of the team told Gulf News on condition of anonymity.

However, he added that the condition of their hearts are stable and the organs are trying to support the body. “But the wounds are too deep, with most of the skin burnt and tissues and nerves are also mostly damaged. Even if both of them survive, restoring the damaged parts of the body would be a humungous task,” he added.

According to another source, none of the victims received an electric shock. The doctor confirmed this: “Their heart condition suggests that they were not hit by electric current. If that happens, the first thing to be affected is the heart, which is stable in this case. The severity of wounds suggests that they were hit by an extreme temperature flare.”  According to industry experts, the flare that hit the victims is most certainly the ‘Arc Flash’, which exceeds temperature of 300 degree Celsius.

Industry experts suggest that Fajr Allah, the electrical engineer, was too young and inexperienced to handle the critical testing process.

“The testing of Ring Main Unit (RMU), which exploded, is generally done by the project manager with the experience of at least 10-12 years behind him. Considering his age, this person looks to be fairly new and most probably he was not adept at handling the task but might have accepted it under pressure from his seniors,” Mohammad Mousa, an electrical engineer with work experience of more than 15 years, said.

According to sources at ETA Ascon, Fajr Allah was only a junior engineer at ETA’s power control and switchgear division.

When contacted, an official from ETA said that the case is under investigation by Dubai Civil Aviation Authority and that the company is trying to provide whatever help they can to the victims.

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2 Pakistani Men Shocked & Then Fined for Stealing Live Electrical Line

November 11, 2010 Leave a comment

DUBAI – Two Pakistanis, who were electrocuted and sustained first-degree burns while stealing a live cable belonging to Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa), will have to pay Dh40,000 for the damage caused.

The Dubai Court of First Instance yesterday jailed the unemployed Pakistanis, 21-year-old T.A. and 30-year-old Y.R., for three months each.

Prosecutors accused the two men of trying to steal the electric cable belonging to Dewa and causing damage worth Dh40,000. When the defendants appeared before the court earlier this month, they pleaded guilty and asked for leniency.

Pronouncing yesterday’s judgment in courtroom four, Presiding Judge Hamad Abdul Latif Abdul Jawad imprisoned the defendants and fined them Dh40,000.

“We are guilty. We did try to steal the electric cable but while doing so, we got electrocuted and I sustained severe body burns. Sir, look at my skin and ear, I have bad burns and disfigurement over different parts of my body… we ask the court for clemency and forgiveness,” argued Y.R. before the court.

His compatriot, T.A. contended: “We confess that we are guilty… we did not know that the cable was live and that it there was electricity connected to it. We got electrocuted accidentally.”

According to the arraignment sheet, prosecutors accused the defendants of using an electric chainsaw to cut the cable to steal electricty from it.

The primary judgment remains subject to appeal within 15 days.

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