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UK Company Fined for Electrical Safety Violation

January 13, 2011 Leave a comment

Gloucestershire, UK – Edward Mervyn Allen, 59, of Lydney, Gloucestershire, died at Kington Horse Show, Ovals Farm, on 11 September 2009.

Mr Allen died when equipment he was carrying on a truck came into contact with overhead high voltage power lines, Hereford Magistrates’ Court heard.

Kington Horse Show and Agricultural Society admitted failing to ensure the health and safety of work premises.

The charity was also ordered to pay costs totalling £15,523.83.

‘Simple measures’

The case against the charity was brought before the court on Wednesday by Herefordshire Council’s environmental health team following its investigation.

Mark Balysz, of the council, told the court the organisers of the show had failed to provide Mr Allen with a safe pitch and had not considered the risk posed by the overhead power lines at the showground site.

The council said that after arriving at the site Mr Allen started raising the silo on the back of his lorry to a vertical position.

As he did so, there was an “arcing of electricity” towards the silo which resulted in him being electrocuted.

Mr Balysz said: “The pitch Mr Allen was taken to was unsafe and posed a risk to health.

“Many simple measures could have been taken to prevent the accident and they could have advised all stallholders of the power lines and asked people what they intended to do on their pitch.”

The council said after the hearing that the Kington Horse Show and Agricultural Society had expressed regret and remorse over the death which had devastated everyone involved in the show.