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Company Fined $100K after Electrocution

March 15, 2012 Leave a comment

Toronto, Canada – Toronto area plumbing firm fined $100,000 after construction worker killed

The Ontario Ministry of Labour announced last week that New Water Plumbing Inc. north of Toronto was fined $100,000 by an Ontario justice of the peace in connection with the electrocution of a worker in 2009.

The firm pleaded guilty to violating Ontario Regulation 851, Section 45 of the Occupational Health and Safety Act.

On December 23, 2009, two workers from New Water Plumbing were in the mechanical room of a condo tower in Toronto. They had taken a large exhaust fan out of its housing. As the workers were moving the fan, a light fixture they had swung out of the way swung back and hit the fan. Part of the light fixture was damaged, allowing its electrical charge to contact the fan. The worker who was holding the fan at the time was electrocuted and died.

New Water Plumbing, which is based in the Thornhill neighbourhood in the town of Markham, was fined for failing to ensure that the fan was lifted, carried or moved in a way that would not endanger a worker.

Story via Daily Commercial News

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Boy Electrocuted After Playing with Light Socket

January 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Olango Island, A boy wanted to play doctor. He ended up electrocuted instead when he touched a live wire hanging on a tree in sitio Kaosmangan, barangay Baring, Olango Island last Saturday afternoon.

Police identified the nine-year-old victim as Stephen Ompad, a resident of the area.

A Grade 1 pupil of Baring Elementary School, Ompod died after playing with a socket bulb hanging at a tamarind tree.

The victim was with friends when they stopped by a tamarind tree. While his friends climbed the tree to get tamarind, Ompad was attracted to the wire on the tree.

He tried to grab the socket bulb, not realizing that it was a live wire.

Montebon said his playmates told him that Ompad pretended to be a doctor and pulled the socket to his heart to simulate the use of a stethoscope. But the socket instead electrocuted him.

He was rushed to the Sta. Rosa Community Hospital in the island but died before reaching it. /Reporter Jucell Marie P. Cuyos

Story via GlobalNationEnquirer.Net

45 Faulty Light Poles Found in Seattle

January 12, 2011 Leave a comment

SEATTLE, WA — Seattle City Light has uncovered more shock hazards from faulty light poles.

Crews inspecting metal light posts for shock hazards in Seattle found 45 problems, some with street light poles and others involving traffic signs.

Inspectors registered 100 volts coming off a faulty pole at one intersection in the International District. Another pole at Boren and Marion had voltage in the 105-volt range.

It was 90 volts that electrocuted a dog in Queen Anne. Sammy died Thanksgiving Day when he stepped on an energized sidewalk plate. Crews blame a lack of grounding and a pinched wire.

After several other complaints, the city hired two contractors to inspect all of the utility’s 30,000 metal poles and ground plates.

“We wanted to get it completed as quickly as we could, and we felt if we divided up the city between two different contractors, we probably could accomplish that in a quicker period of time,” said Suzanne Hartman.

The quick inspection process has cost the utility $300,000 so far.

“It’s not expensive when you consider the long term benefit for the customers and the city,” Hartman said.

But the city hasn’t yet added up the cost of overtime for city light crews making rounds with the inspectors and making repairs.

The inspectors, who look for anything above 30 volts, have found 45 shock hazards, more than half of which were emitting more than 50 volts.

“About half of the ones that we’ve discovered with the elevated voltage — we’ve been able to repair right on the spot. And the other half — we’ll have to come back and do something more extensive,” Hartman said.

Hartman says anything not yet repaired has been de-energized or turned off until it is fixed.

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2 Men Shocked in IN Installing Light Fixtures

January 10, 2011 Leave a comment

Indiana Township, PA – Two people were hospitalized as a result of an industrial accident Thursday afternoon at Medrad Inc. in Indiana Township, according to Allegheny County emergency dispatchers.

A company spokeswoman said two men working for an electrical contractor were installing light fixtures about 1:30 p.m. when one of them came into contact with a live electrical source.

He was shocked and suffered burns on his hands, the spokeswoman said. The second electrician came to his aid, and that man was shocked, too.

The first man was hospitalized for treatment of his injuries, and the second man was taken to a hospital as a precaution, she said.

No further details on the incident were available.

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