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Palestinian Man Electrocuted in Underground Tunnel Between Egypt and Gaza

December 4, 2010 Leave a comment

CAIRO, EYGPT –  A Palestinian man was electrocuted in an underground tunnel running between Egypt and Gaza, Egyptian officials reported late Thursday. According to the reports, the young man’s body was found after a search of the tunnel.

Egyptian security forces said they began their search “after being informed of a death in one of the tunnels.”

The man reportedly died of electrocution from the electrical system used to light the underground tunnel.

It is the most recent incident along the Sinai border that runs between Egypt and Gaza and Israel. Israel has long called on Egypt to crackdown on smuggling and illegal immigration, saying it is affecting Israeli jobs and leading to attacks on Israeli citizens.

Palestinian smugglers have told Bikya Masr repeatedly that the tunnels are their only attachment to the outside world and with an economic boycott of Gaza still in place, “we have to keep bringing in things in order to live. There are no weapons.”

An average of 1,200 people have crossed the border every month, with about 1,300 doing so in October.

Officials say about 36,000 illegal immigrants from Africa are living in the country.

Interior Minister Eli Yishai has proposed a border fence, with several contractors hired for construction so different sections can be built at the same time.

“This is a cry for help by the general public,” he said. “Regrettably, we see that the number of infiltrators is only growing.”

International and local rights groups have condemned the continued use of violence to stop African migrants, saying the migrants are not a threat to police.

Africans in Egypt complain of poor living conditions and bad treatment at the hands of their host nation. Many see Israel as the next best solution for their troubles and are willing to risk death to reach the Jewish state, refugees in Egypt have repeatedly said.

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