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Boy Electrocuted After Playing with Light Socket

January 16, 2011 Leave a comment

Olango Island, A boy wanted to play doctor. He ended up electrocuted instead when he touched a live wire hanging on a tree in sitio Kaosmangan, barangay Baring, Olango Island last Saturday afternoon.

Police identified the nine-year-old victim as Stephen Ompad, a resident of the area.

A Grade 1 pupil of Baring Elementary School, Ompod died after playing with a socket bulb hanging at a tamarind tree.

The victim was with friends when they stopped by a tamarind tree. While his friends climbed the tree to get tamarind, Ompad was attracted to the wire on the tree.

He tried to grab the socket bulb, not realizing that it was a live wire.

Montebon said his playmates told him that Ompad pretended to be a doctor and pulled the socket to his heart to simulate the use of a stethoscope. But the socket instead electrocuted him.

He was rushed to the Sta. Rosa Community Hospital in the island but died before reaching it. /Reporter Jucell Marie P. Cuyos

Story via GlobalNationEnquirer.Net