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Man in Guyana Gets Electrocuted Wiring His House

November 23, 2010 Leave a comment

SOPHIA, GUYANA – A 40-year-old construction worker was electrocuted some time on Sunday night after he reportedly attempted to make an illegal connection at his Sophia home.

A neighbour of Leslie Clarkson called ‘Metro’ found his body lying face down in front of his 701 D Field Sophia home at around 7 am yesterday but it is suspected that he died some time on Sunday night.

“I remember he pass about just quarter to seven last night [Sunday night] and must be he went to hook up he light when he get shock,” a woman in the area told Stabroek News.

A wire was found next to the man’s body and it is believed that is what he was using to connect electricity when tragedy struck. Residents said that early Sunday evening they had a power outage during a heavy downpour and they assumed Clarkson may have used that period to connect his light but before he completed the task electricity was returned to the area.

They pointed out that because of where Clarkson, a father of a six-year-old boy, lived–at the end of a muddy dam–no one traversed pass his house and as such even though he may have died since early Sunday evening his body was only seen yesterday morning.

A cousin of the man told Stabroek News that he lived alone since his son lived with relatives.
He said they received information via a telephone call that the man’s body was in front of his home and when they arrived they saw him lying in front of his gate. He was fully dressed, the cousin said. Relatives said they could not say how the man met his demise although persons are saying he was electrocuted.

“Look life hard and people does have to thief light here because the government mek it too hard.
We ent gat money to pay light bill. So is connecting Metro deh connecting when he dead,” a resident told this newspaper.
The resident, who was urged on by others, said that most of them came from areas where they had electricity and as such it was difficult for them to adjust to a life of darkness.

“When I come here is like I deh going mad because I didn’t accustomed to lamp and so on and I buy a generator but gasoline too expensive, by the time you watch a movie it done,” another resident said.

The resident further stated that they did not have the money to pay for the electricity to be connected but he bought $8,000 in telephone wire to make an illegal connection to his home.

“If the rich doing it what you want the poor do? We can’t gat we children studying with lamp we have to do what we have to survive. Is just unfortunate that Metro had to dead like this,” Stabroek News was told.

Story via Stabroek News