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Helicopter in Spain Hits Power Lines – Pilot Unharmed

October 26, 2010 Leave a comment

LORCA, SPAIN – A woman was unharmed yesterday after falling to the ground after jumping out of the helicopter she was piloting after it hit electric lines in a field near Lorca (Murcia). She was preparing to fumigate a lettuce plantation in the village of La Campana. According to the Emergency Coordination Center, the accident occurred about 10.55 am yesterday just after takeoff and the propeller apparently became entangled with medium voltage electrical wires nearby.

Farm workers called 112 to report what happened and Lorca Park firefighters and an emergency mobile unit were sent to the scene, but the pilot had a “miraculous” escape.

The accident occurred in a farm near the hamlet of DoƱana and caused a blackout for several hundred residents and industries in three nearby hamlets for the rest of the day while emergency repair workers attempted to restore the power.

Although the pilot managed to escape unharmed, the helicopter hit the pylon and split in two.

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