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PA Man Electrocuted Climbing Pole to Steal Copper Wire

December 16, 2010 Leave a comment

PALMERTON, Pa. — A Bethlehem man was found dead after police said he was climbing a power pole and came in contact with a live wire.

It happened just before midnight Saturday on the property of Horsehead Industries in Palmerton.

Police said they received reports of a man injured while attempting to cut copper wire from a pole.

When they arrived on scene, they found the body of 30-year-old Jojo M. Sullivan of Bethlehem.

The Carbon County Coroner said Sullivan died from a fatal electric shock, and pronounced him dead at the scene.

Palmerton Police continue to investigate the incident.

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NC Teen Electrocuted Trying to Steal Copper from Substation

December 1, 2010 Leave a comment
LAURINBURG, NC – A Laurinburg teenager was electrocuted while trying to steal copper, officials said.

Jeffery Caleb Frederick, Jr., 18, of Park Drive, received a fatal electric shock while breaking into a power substation near Wagram on Friday, according to Investigator Tina Strickland.

Two of his friends, 20-year-old Howard Worriax, Jr. and 47-year-old Barry Locklear, both of McGirt’s Bridge Road, Maxton, were helping Frederick in the theft attempt, Strickland said.

After Frederick received the high-voltage shock, Worriax and Locklear drug him to Frederick’s Toyota Camry and drove him to the intersection of McGirt’s Bridge Road and Lee’s Mill Road, Strickland said. They placed Frederick in the driver’s seat and walked a mile to their home.

Strickland said the pair never attempted to find medical aid for the 18-year-old and failed to contact authorities.

The pair are charged with concealing or failing to report a death, according to a sheriff’s report.

Bond was set at $20,000 for Locklear, while a bond had not been set by press time for Worriax, according to Strickland.

Strickland said had they called EMS, the pair would only face misdemeanor charges of larceny and trespassing instead of a felony.

She added that the property’s owner could still press charges in the theft.

Sheriff Shep Jones said this adds to a string of unsuccessful attempts at stealing wiring.

“We’ve made several arrests in the past couple of weeks for the theft of copper wire,” he said.

Jones said it was “unfortunate” that someone lost their life while trying to harvest the metal from a live substation.

“Hopefully people can learn from this, that this is not a wise thing to do

and that it’s just not worth it to do something like this.”

He also said he did not know why

“I don’t know if it was panic on their part or what, but unfortunately they did not report it and by not reporting it, they are charged with a felony,” he said.

Jones thought it tragic that a teen lost his life.

“Our prayers go out to the family,” he said.

Lockelar has had more than two dozen prior convictions for charges including breaking and entering, larceny, and receiving stolen goods

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Man Charged for Copper Theft That Lead to Friend’s Electrocution

December 1, 2010 Leave a comment

RAEFORD, NC – A man is accused of lying to Hoke County lawmen about being with a friend who was electrocuted in August as the two tried to steal copper from a power substation.

Jonathan Tyler Overton, 20, of the 9300 block of Calloway Road in Aberdeen, was charged Tuesday with damaging wires and other fixtures of a telephone, telegraph or electric power company and obstructing justice by filing a false police report, larceny and possessing stolen property.

The incident happened Aug. 14, according to a release from the Hoke County Sheriff’s Office.

William Joshua Reavis, 23, of the 9400 block of Calloway Road in Aberdeen, was found dead at a Lumbee River Electric Membership Corp. substation on North Horace Walters Road, Sheriff Hubert Peterkin said.

At the time, investigators suspected that Reavis was electrocuted while trying to steal copper wire, Peterkin said.

Investigators found that a lock and chain on the high fence around the business had been cut, Peterkin said.

They also said they believed someone else was involved, Peterkin said.

Overton was at the substation when lawmen arrived, Peterkin said, but denied having anything to do with the theft of copper.

Overton later admitted that after Reavis was electrocuted, he removed the copper wiring and cutters that were inside the fence and hid them in tall grass where they were later found, Peterkin said.

Overton’s bail was set at $25,000.

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2 Pakistani Men Shocked & Then Fined for Stealing Live Electrical Line

November 11, 2010 Leave a comment

DUBAI – Two Pakistanis, who were electrocuted and sustained first-degree burns while stealing a live cable belonging to Dubai Electricity and Water Authority (Dewa), will have to pay Dh40,000 for the damage caused.

The Dubai Court of First Instance yesterday jailed the unemployed Pakistanis, 21-year-old T.A. and 30-year-old Y.R., for three months each.

Prosecutors accused the two men of trying to steal the electric cable belonging to Dewa and causing damage worth Dh40,000. When the defendants appeared before the court earlier this month, they pleaded guilty and asked for leniency.

Pronouncing yesterday’s judgment in courtroom four, Presiding Judge Hamad Abdul Latif Abdul Jawad imprisoned the defendants and fined them Dh40,000.

“We are guilty. We did try to steal the electric cable but while doing so, we got electrocuted and I sustained severe body burns. Sir, look at my skin and ear, I have bad burns and disfigurement over different parts of my body… we ask the court for clemency and forgiveness,” argued Y.R. before the court.

His compatriot, T.A. contended: “We confess that we are guilty… we did not know that the cable was live and that it there was electricity connected to it. We got electrocuted accidentally.”

According to the arraignment sheet, prosecutors accused the defendants of using an electric chainsaw to cut the cable to steal electricty from it.

The primary judgment remains subject to appeal within 15 days.

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So Cal Man Dies, Wife Burned Trying to Steal Copper Wire

October 24, 2010 Leave a comment

UPDATED  from LATimesblog.latimes SOUTH GATE, CALIFORNIA – A man was electrocuted and died as he and a female partner tried to steal copper wire from an electrical vault in South Gate on Saturday afternoon, police said.

The woman tried to pull him away from the vault when it caught fire and exploded, but the electricity traveled through her body and she received severe burns, South Gate police spokesman Lt. Keith Huff said. He said she was taken to St. Francis Medical Center and transferred Saturday night to the Grossman Burn Centers.

Two small children were found in a truck 15 feet from the accident but were not injured. They were being held by childrens’ services workers, Huff said.

The electrical vault was on a lot at 3064 Firestone Blvd., at the corner of South Gate Avenue. The lot was the former site of Liberty Cable Company but has been unoccupied for more than a year, Huff said.

He said that the explosion at 4:14 p.m. knocked out power across the west side of South Gate, and that the power was largely restored by the evening.

CALIFORNIA – A couple trying to steal electrical copper wire from a vacant building in Southern California initially thought that the power had been shut off.   However, once the couple broke through the walls and tried to pry the valuable metal wire from within, they discovered that they were very wrong. The result was that the man was electrocuted and the woman was severely burned while their children sat in a nearby vehicle.

The police were called to the scene when neighbors notified them that they could hear a woman screaming, following a small sound that seemed like an explosion. At least one neighbor ran to the scene and saw a woman with severe burns over much of her body running around and screaming and crying. She was also asking for help for her husband, who lay near by.

When the police arrived they found a vehicle parked near the vacant properties. Inside were two children, one aged 3 and the other aged 6. The police believe that they are the couple’s children.

So far the police have not released a reason behind the attempted theft nor have they released the names of the victims pending a notification of next of kin.

While the exact motives are not known, copper is a valuable metal among scrap metal dealers. There have been incidents of thieves sneaking into condo development and other new homes to steal the copper wiring from the electrical system. Copper wire theft in vacant and abandoned buildings has also become very common with some property owners and contractors placing security around buildings 24-hours a day.

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