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Multiple Electrocutions Reported After Flooding

January 14, 2011 Leave a comment

Recent flooding throughout the world has lead to many electrical accidents and deaths.  Most happen with downed power lines in water or when people are standing in water and touch a faulty electrical wire at home.  If you experience flooding, please keep electrical safety in mind and don’t go near downed power lines or try to activate or touch any electrical appliance while standing in water.

Below is a recent example among many of electrocution related to flooding.

Batticaloa, Tamil, Sri Lanka – 14 people have died so far in the floods in Batticaloa district according to Batticaloa District Secretariat. At least 10 persons have been reported missing in the district and 4 fishermen are missing in Ampaa’rai district. On Tuesday, a 17-year-old boy was electrocuted and a 19-year-old boy was seriously injured along Koayil Road in Onthaachchi-madam in Ka’luvaagnchik-kudi division in Batticaloa district when they touched a live electric wire lying on the ground after strong winds.

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Mother & Son Electrocuted in Bath

January 14, 2011 Leave a comment

London, UK – A mother and her three-year-old son died from electric shock when a heater fell into their bath.

The woman’s husband had installed the appliance to keep the family warm only a day earlier.

Today he told how he broke down the bathroom door when they did not answer his shouts. Romanian-born Vasilica Arsene, 37, pulled the heater from the bath and dragged wife Liliana, 34, and son Filip from the water.

Police, firemen and paramedics rushed to the house in Tennyson Road, Harold Hill, near Romford, just before 8.30pm.

Filip, was pronounced dead at the scene and Liliana died early this morning in hospital.

The portable heater was on a unit next to the bath and it appeared to have been accidentally knocked into the water. The alarm was raised when Mr Arsene’s other son Marco, seven, tried to talk to his mother.

Speaking through a translator, Mr Arsene said: “Marco went up to see his mother and did not get any answer. I shouted up the stairs and also got nothing. The door was locked, so I broke it down with my body.

“When I entered the bath was running and I saw my wife and son in the water. I pulled the heater out and pulled out my little baby and wife.” He shouted for help to Florin Enciu, who also lives in the house with his wife and son.

He got another friend, Stefan Davidescu, to dial 999 as he cannot speak English. Mr Arsene said: “Words cannot describe how I am feeling. I put the heater in there because it was cold. I feel so bad and so sorry.”

Mr Davidescu said the whole family, including the couple’s daughter Lidia, 14, were devastated, adding: “It was an accident. They were happily married, they had no problems.”

Mr Arsene, a scrap metal worker from Calarasi in Romania, moved to London from Italy two months ago, with his wife and children following a month later.

Today police were carrying out a forensic examination of the house. A Scotland Yard spokesman said: “We were called at about 8.30pm. Officers attended with the fire and ambulance service and found a woman and a child who had suffered a cardiac arrest following an apparent electrocution.”

A neighbour, who asked not to be named, said: “It is the most terrible tragedy. I saw the boy being carried into the ambulance. His body was limp. He was totally pale.

“The ambulance didn’t move for 30 minutes while they tried to resuscitate him. I saw the boy quite often. He seemed like a lovely little boy.”

Toys belonging to the child were still strewn around the front garden today.

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Man Shocked by Water Heater

January 13, 2011 1 comment

Brownsville, TS – Almost electrocuted in Brownsville – At about 11:20 a.m. Wednesday, dispatchers received a call that a 37-year-old man received an electric shock while attempting to adjust the water heater. The home is in the 900 block of Kirk Avenue. Lebanon medics responded, as did Brownsville firefighters. The man was well enough to ride in his own car to get medical treatment.

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Woman Electrocuted by Grabbing Live Wire

January 12, 2011 Leave a comment

KOTA BARU, Malaysia – A flood victim was electrocuted when she slipped and grasped a live wire at Kampung Simpangan Hulu in Tumpat here yesterday.

Norshazila Rosli, 27, had moved to her mother-in-law’s house a few days ago after her house at Kampung Pauh Sebatang was hit by floods.

Her husband Mahadi Yahya, 30, said they had just returned home at about 1pm after visiting relatives at Pengkalan Kubur.

“She was climbing the stairs of the house when she slipped and grabbed a live wire connecting the house and the garage. At the time, the compound of the house was flooded by 0.5cm of water,” he said.
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Laborer Electrocuted in India Working on Pump

January 5, 2011 Leave a comment
MUMBAI, India: A little over a week after a labourer was killed and three others injured while repairing a storm water drain in Tardeo, a similar incident in Wadala on Monday claimed another labourer’s life.

Mohammad Mushtaq Shiekh (22), a contract worker from Gorakhpur, Uttar Pradesh, descended into an open drain and was immediately electrocuted.

“He had gone there to turn off a submersible pump installed to remove water from the drain’s pit. It seems the contractor had not properly covered the naked wiring supplying electricity to the machine. As soon as Shiekh stepped into the drain, he was electrocuted,” said a security guard on the site.

The incident occurred at 8.30 am when Shiekh, who lived in Sion with his father and two brothers, was taking stock of the 7-ft-deep pit inside a Mhada colony at Sheikh Dargah Road near Wadala. “The area has been recently developed under a special Mhada scheme. The contractor was getting a sewer drilled for the colony,” said a BMC officer.

When Sheikh did not step out of the pit for a while, a security guard informed the fire brigade and the police. “It took our officers at least four hours to locate the body inside the pit. The wiring of the pump was not properly covered,” said a senior official from the Wadala fire station.

The fire officials took Shiekh to Sion hospital, where doctors pronounced him dead. A distraught family member said: “We are taking his body back to Gorakhpur and plan to carry out the last rites there. This was a tragedy waiting to happen with such minimal precautionary measures on the construction site… Now that he is gone, we don’t see a point in filing a police complaint.”

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Electrocution May Be Cause of Many Killed in Cambodian Stampede at Water Festival

December 6, 2010 Leave a comment

Officials said on Monday, that 339 people were killed when a stampede occurred during a festival in Cambodia’s capital city of Phnom Penh.

Citing information given in a televised address by Prime Minister Hun Sen, Philip Bader, a news editor with the Phnom Penh Post said, another 329 people were injured in the crush.

More than 4 million people were attending the Water Festival when the stampede occurred, Visalsok Nou, a Cambodian Embassy official in Washington. Other reports put the number at 2 million., Steve Finch, a journalist from the Phnom Penh Post said.

Beginning at around 10 p.m. (10 a.m. ET), it likely occurred due to a suspension bridge which was packed with people began to sway, creating panic, Bader said, who also cited reports that people were jumping off the bridge into the river to avoid the commotion.

Police then started firing water cannons onto the bridge in an effort to get the people to move across the bridge. “That just caused complete and utter panic,” Bader said. He also told of how a number of people who lost consciousness fell into the water; he also said, some may have been electrocuted. Although the government has denied anyone was electrocuted.

Among the dead were some police Finch said, and a doctor who did not want to be identified said that the main cause of death was suffocation and electrocution.

Disturbing video footage has been released of the panic and aftermath of the event. Also seen were dozens of people on the waiting room floor of the hospital with intravenous lines connected to bags.

An inquiry has been ordered by the prime minister into the cause of the day’s events and he has declared Thursday a day of mourning.

Held each November the three-day festival, near the palace is to honor a victory by the Cambodian naval forces during the 12th-century reign of King Jayvarman VII.

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Man in India Fatally Electrocuted at Mother’s Funeral

December 3, 2010 Leave a comment
Alapuzha, India :  A twin tragedy struck a family when a 25-year-old man was electrocuted within minutes of lighting his mother’s funeral pyre at a village in the district.

Sandeep of Cheriyanad village received an electric shock from a pedestal fan kept near the funeral pyre of his mother Sarala (47), who died of cancer.

Later in the evening, his funeral also took place close to the pyre of his mother.

According to Sandeep’s relatives, the fan was kept close to the fire to fan the flames since there was dampness in the air due to recurrent rains.

After consigning his mother’s body to the flames, Sandeep moved the fan a bit only to receive an electric shock and fell dead on the spot. Though he was rushed to a hospital by relatives, he died en route.

Sandeep, who was working in the Gulf, had come home after his mother’s condition worsened last month. He went back after a slight improvement in her health.

His mother died earlier this week and the funeral was postponed till yesterday for Sandeep to come back, relatives said.

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Downed Electrical Wire Falls in Pool of Water – Kills 2 in India

November 18, 2010 Leave a comment

NEW DELHI, INDIA – Two persons died when an electric wire fell on the ground while it was raining in outer Delhi. The incident took place around 3pm on Wednesday when a tea shop owner and his son were at their shop in Sanjay Gandhi Transport Nagar. The deceased have been identified as Shambunath and Suhail Gupta.

“The wires were naked and it had been raining very heavily. Water had accumulated in the ground and the wire touched the rainwater, which electrocuted the two victims. They were declared brought dead in the hospital. We have registered a case of death due to negligence but are yet to ascertain on whose part the negligence was.

Investigation will reveal whether the rain had caused the wires to snap or they were already cut,” said a senior police officer.

According to power discom NDPL — the electricity supplier for the area — it was an accident caused by the forces of nature. “There was a temporary connection in the area for which there were some overhead wires. When it became windy all of a sudden, some tin sheets from the roof of a dhaba located close by fell off and snapped the electrical wires. One of the snapped wires fell in a pool of accumulated water on the road, where two persons were standing that led to electrocution,” said an NDPL spokesperson.

The discom said they immediately snapped power supply when the incident took place and denied any negligence on their part. “It was an accident caused by a freak of nature and couldn’t have been avoided. The wire suddenly snapped and fell into a waterlogged road, and it was very unfortunate that there were people standing there when it happened,” said an official.

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Pakistani Man Killed in Electrical Accident

November 1, 2010 Leave a comment

ISLAMABAD, PAKISTAN – A 27-year-old labourer was electrocuted when he received electric shock in the limits of Aabpara Police Station on Monday.

According to police, Kifayat Ullah s/o Habib Khan, who had been residing near PIA stop Aabpara, was working in Rafique Autos in G-6 where construction was underway. He received electric shock by water motor and was shifted to Polyclinic where doctors announced him dead.

Muhammad Nawaz, relative of Kifayat ullah, received the dead body and told the police that he did not want to register a First Information Report (FIR). After legal process, the body was taken to Bhakhar, native city of the dead.

2 Electricuted in Thailand Trying to Salvage Electrical Equipment from Flood

October 30, 2010 Leave a comment

AYUTTHAYA, THAILAND – Two Ayutthayans were cross-electrocuted while trying to salvage electrical kit in a riverside kitchen 60cm-deep in water. A neighbour was also electrocuted attempting to rescue the first two victims.

Ayutthaya, 29 October 2010: All Thailand’s ethnic groups are involved in the current flooding disaster, Thai and foreign, frequently united by tragedy. In the latest incident, a Dutch resident of Ayutthaya and son were electrocuted, Oct28, attempting to salvage electrical equipment from their flooded home.

Ayutthaya, world heritage site and ancient capital of Siam, has been hit severely by flooding as the Chao Phraya River continues to swell, fed by Northern runoffs and significant dam releases upstream.

“Houses have actually started to float down the river in the location of U-thong Road,” a somewhat distraught local council official told PDN. He also told PDN the tragic tale of the Dutchman whose luck ran out.

Apparently, Mr. Haros Bussoe [39], a former Dutch navigator, married to a Thai woman, increasingly concerned that the Chao Phraya would break its banks, rushed back to his riverside house to find the kitchen 60cm-deep in water. Intent on salvaging electrical equipment increasingly threatened by the rising water, Mr. Bussoe plunged into the knee-deep flood. He got an electric shock from one of the appliances and as his adopted son, Siriwit Thongsari [15], grabbed his arm, attempting a rescue him, he, too, was electrocuted.

“Mr. Bussoe died from being electrocuted in water, whilst the son was severely injured from the same cause,” Police spokesman Ayutthya Police Deputy Superintendent, Pol.Lt.Col Phicha Rujinam, told reporters.

“And then,” he continued, “Mr. Bussoe’s wife, finding her husband and son lying comatose, called for help from the neighbours. Unfortunately, neighbour Wisit Meesaeng [30] also suffered electrocution when he attempted to extract Messrs Bussoe and Thongsari from the water-filled kitchen.”

Fortunately, another neighbour had the presence of mind to cut the electricity at the main junction box and no more electrocutions occurred. The injured trio were then rescued from the waterlogged kitchen and rushed to Ayutthaya hospital for emergency treatment. Sadly, Mr. Bussoe was d.o.i – dead on arrival, but the other two are recovering.

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