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Man Shocked & Disabled: No Report to OSHA

January 10, 2011 Leave a comment

WESTERVILLE, Ohio — Twenty-three months after surviving an electrical shock at work, DJ Gordon is disabled. He suffers from a variety of illnesses including cataracts in his eyes, brain damage and the loss of fingers and bones in both hands.

“At that time I had fourth degree burns on my left index finger and even burned out part of the bone and that was the exit point. I ended up with third degree burns on my right index finger,” remembers Gordon.

In July 2009, Stacey Gordon, DJ’s wife, checked to see if the general contractor who hired him, reported the incident to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration. Shockingly, she found no report. NBC4 contacted OSHA for an explanation and this is was were told by spokesperson Scott Allen.

OSHA regulations state that an employer must report to OSHA within 8 hours any case involving a work-related fatality or the inpatient hospitalization of 3 or more employees as a result of a work-related incident,” explained Allen.

With the six-month reporting deadline passed, the Gordon’s were at a loss, unable to add DJ’s injury to the annual OSHA statistics. And while they don’t blame the contractor, they do believe something more could have been done.

“The man was electrocuted, taken by a squad as a trauma. The spirit of the law in my opinion says it should be reported,” said Stacey Gordon.  [Note from blogger:  The term electrocuted is misused here.  The proper term is “shocked”.  An electrocution results in death by electrical shock]

The Gordon family wants to the law changed to require companies to report all hospitalizations. They also feel the Bureau of Workers Compensation should have the authority to report work place accidents as well. Scott Allen says such a change would overload the system with endless paperwork. But all is not lost. Anyone can report a workplace injury without waiting for their employer to do so. The report can be made to OSHA anonymously too.

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